Aloha Cheese Line

Fresh Maui Gourmet Chevre – in 6 oz glass jars
Udderly Delicious $16.00 Plain Chevre, salted
Proudly served during the 2009 Inauguration festivities for President Obama.
Garden Fantasia $16.00 fresh garden herbs
“1st Place National Award 2006”
Ivory Coast $16.00 fresh cracked black Tellicherry peppercorns
“3rd place national award 2006”
Mandalay $16.00 apple bananas, curry
“1st Place National Award 2004”
Mango Supreme $16.00 fresh mangoes, mango chutney (seasonal)
Men’s Challenge $16.00 horseradish
1st Place National Award 2005″  
O Solé Mio $16.00 sun dried tomatoes
Best US Goat Cheese Spread 2005″ 
Olé! $16.00 jalapeños, artichokes, lime juice, cilantro
3rd Place National Award 2004
Purple Rain $16.00 Maui lavender
Rolling Green $16.00 fresh garlic chives
 “2nd Place National Award 2005”
Canada $16.00 Cinnamon, Cranberry, Honey
“Seasonal, offered from November through February, most years. “
Black Dragon $16.00 Fresh chevre with organic mustard seeds
It’s not Sushi $16.00 Fresh chevre with wasabi and soy sauce
Out of Africa $16.00 Fresh chevre with Ras el Hanout (a Moroccan spice blend)
Sriracha $16.00 Fresh chevre with Sriracha and cumin
Fresh Maui Gourmet Quark – in 8oz glass jars
Plain Quark $16.00  plain
Fruit Quark $16.00 fresh organic grown fruits such as lilikoi (passion fruit), Tahitian lime/honey, Kula strawberries, etc.
(flavors vary according to season)
“Lilikoi” is currently in season.
2nd Place National Award 2004, 2005
Tzatziki $16.00 grated cucumber, fresh garlic, dill
Strawberry Quark with Chia seeds $16.00 Fresh quark with Kula Strawberries and Organic Chia Seeds