Paradise Cheese Line

Aged Maui Gourmet Goat Cheese – in glass jars with oil
Maui Secret Sicily $16.00 A more drained Chevre marinated in virgin olive oil with olives from the Provence, fresh Thyme, garlic, and lemon zest.
“3rd place national award 2009”
Ping Pong Balls $16.00 A more drained Chevre hand rolled into balls and marinated in garlic olive oil.
“2nd place national awards 2006”
 Napa Wrap $16.00  A more drained Chevre wrapped in grape leaves marinating in olive oil.
“1st Place National Award 2004”
 Feta $16.00  plain, ripened/aged 5 months in brine, in olive oil
“1st place national award 2006”

Proudly served during the 2009 Inauguration festivities for President Obama.
 Diabolic $16.00  plain, ripened and aged 3 months with jalapeños, Thai dragon chilies, Bhudda Hand citron, Malabar peppercorns, in olive oil with garlic
Sold Out  MacGoatNut $16.00  plain, ripened and aged 3 months with smoked Macadamia nut shells in 100% Hawaiian Macadamia nut oil, with Macadamia nuts
“3rd Place National Award 2005
Aged Maui Gourmet Goat Cheese in cheese wax
“Because all these cheeses are handcrafted their individual weight differs between 4.2 oz. and 5.0 oz.(Hearts 3.0 oz.-3.6 oz.). We will always try to choose the cheeses with the highest weight available.”
Sold Out  Hearts $10.00  plain, ripened/aged in red cheese wax – heart shaped
 Biscuits $14.00  plain, ripened/aged in red cheese wax
 French Dream $14.00  Herbs de Provence ripened/aged in clear cheese wax
1st Place National Award 2004
 Swedish Heart $14.00  Caraway seeds, ripened/aged in black cheese wax
“2nd Place National Award 2004”
Sold Out  BBQ $14.00  Plain, cold smoked with Kiawe wood at the Maui Culinary Academy MCC). *A $1 donation to MCC is included in the price.*