Jaunt Magazine Blog Post

Sure, Hawaii is best known for it’s beaches and surf culture, but little do most people know that after a long day windsurfing Maui’s Kanaha Beach, you can take a short trip to Kula to sample of the best goat cheese on the Hawaiian islands. They say, “Da Feta Mo Betta” which, in Hawaiian slang means, “Better than Feta.” We agree. That’s why we’re recommending a light lunch and a tour at Surfing Goat Dairy on the slopes of Haleakala crater.

Owned and operated by German expatriates Thomas and Eva Kafsack, Surfing Goat Dairy represents one of only two goat dairies in the state located on 42 acres with almost two-thirds dedicated as pasture, giving the Dairy’s three bucks and over than eighty does plenty of space to roam. Surfing Goat Dairy houses over 25 different varieties of cheese and soaps and they’re also organic so that means… no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, or colors.

Winner of 16 National Awards including “Best Goat Cheese spread in North America 2004, 2005 & 2006, you can chose from Daily Tours, Evening Chores & Milking Tours ($12/pp), or Grand Tours ($25/pp), a 2-hour experience where you can feed and milk a goat, see the cheese making process, and sample most of the cheeses produced at the Dairy.