Blog Post by Malia Yosh

Once upon a lazy Saturday afternoon, two girls and their mothers decided to go on a drive upcountry. their paths converged at the surfing goat dairy on Omaopio road. One mother-daughter pair decided to get silly:
while the other pair was more interested in sampling the award-winning cheeses and getting to know the farm animals, including this grumpy pig:
a great time was had by all, and they lived happily ever after.
(sorry, i got too engrossed in the sampling of the fresh chevre tasting flight that i didn’t take any pictures!)
i’d actually recommend a trip to surfing goat diary, if nothing else for the novelty of the fact that we have award-winning goat cheese made here on Maui. they were a wee bit stingy with the sampling – there were four of us and we were only allowed to try two cheeses, and as a group, so we couldn’t even get different samples for each person. we ended up taking home “ivory coast”, a chevre with fresh cracked black pepper, and “rolling green”, a fresh chevre with chives. had i been able to sample some of the other interesting cheese they had on offer, i probably would have purchased more.