Our 2023-2024 kidding season at Surfing Goat Dairy is underway! We’re excited to announce our newest additions and we’d like some help with naming them! Do you want to become part of these special animals’ lives and have a special name in mind? After you name the new kid, you’ll receive their picture and birthing information!

How Does It Work?

Naming a baby goat at Surfing Goat Dairy is an exciting opportunity for our visitors to become a part of our farm's vibrant history. For a fee of $100, you can give one of our newest additions a name that will be uniquely theirs. To ensure each name is one of a kind, we don't allow duplications.

We encourage you to think creatively and consider giving your goat a distinctive middle name, adding an extra layer of individuality. Whether you're naming a boy or baby girl, you'll have the chance to propose your top three name choices per gender. This process allows you to be intimately involved in our farm's story and gives you a special connection to one of our cherished goats. So, put on your thinking cap and get ready to bestow a name that will be cherished for years to come.