Interested in Becoming a Volunteer at Surfing Goat Dairy?

Calling all goat lovers! Surfing Goat Dairy volunteers will have the opportunity to help in the best way possible, completing important duties that are up close and personal with our goats! Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things and our goats will love you for it! We look forward to working together to provide our goats with happy and healthy lives!

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Outside Care & Nanny Volunteers

Volunteers who are 18 years or older will have the chance to meet other volunteers, work alongside our staff, and all of our 130+ goats. Volunteering at Surfing Goat Dairy will challenge you to learn new skills, help us with our daily chores, give proper nutritional care to our kids, and give love and affection to our goats! After attending a New Volunteer Orientation, we ask for volunteers to come at least once a week and commit two to six months of their time. You will receive the training needed to be able to perform the tasks independently. Of course, you'll be working closely with our dairy staff who will be able to assist, when needed.


Volunteer Duties

  • Heating up milk for our newborns and young kids
  • Giving bottles and feeding kids
  • Keeping stalls clean
  • Grooming (trimming hooves and brushing)
  • Cleaning feeders and equipment
  • Feeding older goats their morning/evening meals
  • Organizing our feed room
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the barn
  • Other smaller projects, when needed