Two Decades of Goat Farming Excellence

Since 2002, Surfing Goat Dairy has proudly held the distinction of being Maui's largest commercial dairy, nurturing a thriving herd of more than 120 milking goats against the backdrop of the island's lush landscape. Our journey is rooted in a deep appreciation for sustainable farming practices, with our commitment to quality and tradition guiding our every step. Each day, like clockwork, we milk our goats, honoring the land that has been our foundation for so long. This dedication has allowed us to craft fresh, artisanal cheeses that have found their way onto the menus of local restaurants, dining tables across the country, and even the White House for President Obama's inauguration dinner. You can taste the flavors of our beloved island in every delectable bite.

More Than Just a Farm

But Surfing Goat Dairy is more than just a dairy farm. Not only are we top rated on Trip Advisor on things to do, we've opened our doors to enthusiasts and visitors from near and far, inviting them to experience the magic of our farm firsthand. Our goat tours offer a glimpse into our daily operations, allowing guests to interact with our friendly goats and even try their hand at milking. Moreover, our cheeses and truffles have earned such acclaim that we now ship them across the United States, sharing the unique tastes of Maui with cheese lovers and connoisseurs from coast to coast. Our story is one of passion, sustainability, and a deep love for our goats and the land they call home.

Review From Bill, A Local Maui Guide

"We really enjoyed the tour and all the information shared on our visit. It was so fun feeding the goats and we especially enjoyed seeing the two new born babies. Thank you for our blue ribbons! We stayed a bit longer after the tour and enjoyed a sampling of the yummy cheeses and chocolates. Great visit."