snuggle & play with a kid goat

“Kid” Goat Interaction Experience

Have you ever wanted to snuggle or play with a kid goat (0-3 month olds)? Now’s your opportunity! Come visit our NEW kidding pen and participate in a new hands-on experience! Learn about why our kids need social interaction and how they communicate! Oh the fun to be had, the giggles to hear, and the baaa that will be echo’d.

NOTE: 8 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult

⏳ Duration: 30 minutes

💲 Price: Children $20, Adults (12+) $25

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It’s that time of year!

"Kid" Feeding Experience

It’s that time of year! Take a private tour and be part of our kids’ lunch time bottle feeding! You will feed a kid their bottle and learn all about what it takes to keep our kids happy and healthy! End your experience with one-on-one time giving them hugs, cuddles and playtime!

Available during Kidding Season (December - March)

NOTE: 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult

⏳ Duration: 30 min

💲 Price: Children $35, Adults (12+) $40

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Swing through Surfing Goat Dairy

Daily Casual Tour

Experience a quick 30-minute walking tour of our bustling dairy and farm. Meet our hardworking dairy goats, our friendly dogs, and cats. Witness our modern milking machines and get a sneak peek into the cheese-making process that produces our delectable gourmet Maui goat cheeses. Pet some goats, snap unique Maui photos, and have a blast! Learn about our dairy's history, feed goats in the pasture, and discover the milking and cheese-making processes. Wrap up your visit by picking up a cheese flight of our mouthwatering Surfing Goat Dairy cheeses.

⏳ Duration: 30 minutes

💲 Price:Children (3-11) $18, Adults (12+) $25

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Earn your cheese by helping with the goat dairy chores!

Evening Chore & Milking Tour

Immerse yourself in the life of a goat farmer with our evening chores tour at Surfing Goat Dairy! Discover the different feeds for our herd and the dairy's rich history. Learn hands-on goat milking and assist with evening feedings. Explore the secrets behind our award-winning Maui goat cheeses, sure to make your mouth water. As a souvenir, receive a 'I Milked a Goat Today' ribbon to cherish your dairy experience. The tour covers dairy history, feeding the goats in the pasture, machine and hand milking, and cheese-making insights. Conclude your visit by picking up a cheese flight of our delectable Surfing Goat Dairy cheeses for later enjoyment!

⏳ Duration: 1 hour

💲 Price: Children (3-11) $29, Adults (12+) $34

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Review From Luke, A Local Maui Guide

"We only had an hour but we were able to witness the goats being milked as well as see some “kids (goat names for babies)” in the pen. The cheeses looked delicious. We appreciated their hospitality and plan to come back the next time we’re on the island."